Meet our Coaching Team 

 Head Coach

Andy "The Batman" Holmes

Andy has been studying various Martial arts for over 17 years and has the following experience:

*British Combat Association Instructor.
*Combat Kyokoshin Instructor (Level 3)
*Assistant Instructor in Krav Maga.
*KEWAP knife awareness Instructor. 
*Laugar Kickboxing 1st Degree Blackbelt.
*Kickboxing, Practical karate and Krav maga  concepts, 
 1st Degree Blackbelt
*Grades in Judo and Wado Ryu Karate.
*Shirindo Ju Jutsu 6th KYU
*NVQ 2 in Conflict Management and Physical  intervention.
*Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Level 2 Practitioner
*First Aid
*DBS checked

He believes in improving his own skill level and Knowledge and actively seeks to train with the best in the world so his students always stay informed. 


James Bylett

*Over 15 years training

*FRACT Foundation Coach - Level 3

*Freestyle Kickboxing - 1st Dan Blackbelt

*3 years training in Aikikai Aikido - 1st kyu Brown Belt

*2 years training in Latosa Escrima 

*KCUK grade - C3

*First Aid

*DBS checked

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