Kombat Cave UK aims to bring the top names in Martial Arts and Self Protection to Cambridgeshire. 

Darren Le Fevre -  Haganah / Fierce Israeli Guerilla Hand to hand tactics Sunday 28th September 2014

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Previous Seminars held at the Batcave

Russia Systema Seminar 

September 2013 

Kombat Cave hosted the very talented Rob Poyton for an introduction to Russian Systema.

Attendees were treated to Breathing techniques, impact development as well as various knife defence techniques used by the Russia Spetsnaz operatives.

All participants received a certificate of completion.

Krav Maga / Despite the Fear Seminar April 2013

Kombat Cave UK hosted a unique seminar by BCA Senior Instructor Simon Morrell.

Participants covered Knife and Gun threat techniques as well as unarmed combat and Adrenaline Control.

All participants passed and received a certificate of recognition.

Tony Mason Seminar Feb 2013

Kombat Cave UK hosted CKS founder Tony Mason for the Level one Instructors course in his Self Defence system.

All participants completed the course and received BCA recognised Certificates to mark their achievement.

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